What is the Wood Badge Ticket?

The Wood Badge experience has two phases. During the first, or “practical” phase, you’ll spend two three-day weekends learning leadership skills in a Scout camp setting. As you develop these leadership skills, a Wood Badge staff member will work with you and help you develop your Wood Badge “Ticket” – a tool to help you realize your personal vision of your role in Scouting.

The Wood Badge Ticket consists of four parts:

  • A list of your personal values
  • A description of your Scouting role
  • A statement of your vision of success
  • A mission composed of five significant goals that can be attained within 18 months.

The second, or “application,” phase of Wood Badge begins once you’re home from the course and start to practice what you learned in Wood Badge – this is known as “working your ticket.” Over the next several months, you’ll use your newly-developed leadership skills in pursuit of the goals you’ve set. At the completion of each goal, you’ll be asked to evaluate how you did and what you’ve learned.

Once all five of your goals are completed, you’ll be awarded the Wood Badge.

There will be plenty of opportunities during the Wood Badge course, as you learn new leadership skills, to develop ideas for strong, meaningful ticket goals. Before you begin Wood Badge, though, it may be helpful to review your Scouting responsibilities and identify any areas where you think you could improve, or any areas where you and your unit are missing opportunities to better serve your youth. This can help you more easily develop good Wood Badge ticket goals during the course.