Pre-Course Assignment

An important focus of the upcoming Wood Badge course will be a consideration of our roles as leaders in Scouting, in the workplace, in our communities, and in the nation. Among the most valuable discussions that will occur will be an ongoing consideration of setting leadership goals and then determining the manner in which those goals can be reached.

The Pre-course Assignment is intended to help you lay the groundwork for the course by developing a clearer understanding of your personal interests, values, and sense of the future. At Wood Badge, you will have the opportunity to channel that information into the development of specific goals and effective means of action.

  • This assignment is for you to do on your own.
  • No one except you will see the results of this assignment.

Use this opportunity to take a good look at where you are now in terms of interests, leadership skills, and opportunities, and where you would like to be. Be as honest as you can. Enjoy the experience.

What to do:

  • Set aside time to think seriously about the following questions.
  • Answer the questions as fully and honestly as you can.
  • Write down your answers and bring them to the Wood Badge course. You will find them to be a helpful reference—only you will see the answers.
  • Don’t worry about what the “right” answers are or about satisfying someone else’s idea of how you should respond. No one except you will see what you write.

The questions:

  1. What are my top 3 strengths as a leader? How can I apply these skills or talents so that I could be of service to youth in my Unit, District, or Council?
  2. What do I consider my top three growth opportunities for my leadership abilities? How can I improve myself in these areas while serving in my current role? Are their other trainings or classes I can take to improve myself?
  3. What is my most impactful experience so far in Scouting? Thinking about this experience, is there a way I could allow others to have the same experience?
  4. What qualities of character do I most admire in others I view as a strong leader? Do I have these qualities? Is there anything I could do to change my approach to be a stronger leader?
  5. Who is a leader that has significantly impacted my life, and why? In my Scouting role, can I make the same impact? How would I do it?
  6. If there were no barriers, what improvements would I make in my local Scouting program? Is there anything I could do to effect change or have a role in these improvements?
  7. What do I consider to be my most important roles in life (e.g., parent, mentor)? Are any of these roles something I can improve in tandem with Scouting?
  8. In two years, what role do I see for myself in Scouting? What is one thing I could do to help get myself there?
  9. If I could make a difference in just one child’s life, what would I do? If I can impact one child, can I lead others to impact many children?
  10. When I think of “diversity and Inclusiveness”, what do I think of? Does my Scouting Unit, District, or Council practice this type of inclusiveness? Is there anything I could do to increase the practice of inclusiveness?
  11. What Scouting experience have I had that I should have handled differently? What could I have done differently? How can I change my current approach or prepare others to do handle this type of thing better?
  12. What do I hope the youth will gain by participating in Scouting? Am I doing things now, to help Scouts gain what I envision they will achieve? If not, how could I?
  13. How does my current role support the Scouting movement?
  14. What are my top three personal values? How have my core values been shaped throughout my life? What could I do to also help shape the core values of the youth/adults I work with? If working with adults, how could I lead differently, in a way that more mimics my core values?
  15. What do I hope to achieve by taking Wood Badge?