For Participants

We are pleased to welcome you to Wood Badge! Please review the following information carefully in order to prepare for an amazing Wood Badge experience.

There is a lot of detailed information here, so please read carefully and refer to this often.

The course begins at 7:45am on Friday, April 26, 2019. Please arrive promptly for 7:15am, but not too early – we won’t be able to check you in until 7:15am. You will be able to leave by 5:00pm on Sunday, April 28. The second course weekend starts at 7:45am on Saturday, May 18, and you will leave by 5:00pm on Sunday, May 19. Note that the course is five full days, and that attendance on all days is required for successful completion of the course.

The course will be held at Treasure Valley Scout Reservation, 394 Pleasantdale Road Rutland, MA 01543. Please park in the main camp parking lot, and check in at the Administration building.

Medical Form
All participants will need to bring a copy (not the original, please) of Parts A and B of their Annual Health and Medical Record, including health history, medication information, immunization record, and treatment consent.

Wood Badge is a uniformed training event. You will normally be wearing either a full Field Uniform, or when appropriate, an Activity Uniform. Please ensure that your Field Uniform is as complete and correct as possible; refer to the Scout Leader Uniform Inspection Sheet for details.

Packing List
Please review this detailed packing list of what you need to bring to Wood Badge. Please be careful and considerate with the use of any electronics devices at Wood Badge. A trading post of Wood Badge memorabilia will be available, and you may wish to consider a donation during the interfaith service.

Complete the Pre-Course Assignment
The Pre-Course Assignment is intended to help you lay the groundwork for the course by developing a clearer understanding of your personal interests, values, and sense of the future. At Wood Badge, you will have the opportunity to channel that information into the development of specific goals and effective means of action. This assignment is for you to do on your own; no one except you will see the results of this assignment. Please complete this activity before arriving at the course.

Join the Course Facebook Group
If you are a Facebook user, you should consider following the open Central Massachusetts Wood Badge page for all Wood Badge Scouters in our area.

Trading Post
What Scouting event would be complete without memorabilia? At the course, we will have a selection of Wood Badge patches, pins, and other items available for purchase.

If you have any other questions about the upcoming Wood Badge course, please don’t hesitate to ask at