Fall 2017 Course Info


Wood Badge Course N1-244-17

The practical phase of Wood Badge course N1-244-17 took place at Camp Resolute, Bolton, MA, on September 8-10 and September 23-25, 2017. Course participants are now actively working their tickets. Participants have until March 25, 2019 to complete their tickets. Good luck!

The Ticket Completion Process

When you believe your ticket is completed:

  1. Complete the Application for Training Recognition and submit it to your Troop Guide.
  2. Review your ticket with your Troop Guide. They will want to talk through your vision and how your goals helped to make your vision a reality; how you achieved your goals; if there were significant changes to your goals or how you approached them; and how your completed ticket will help you leave a legacy.
  3. Consider the best opportunity for your Wood Badge presentation. Some people like being recognized in front of their unit. Others choose opportunities to promote the value of Wood Badge training to other Scouters. In either case, the presentation is brief, and can be conducted most anywhere. Share the date, time, and location of your desired presentation with the Scoutmaster and your Troop Guide.
  4. Members of the course staff will arrange for the presentation, conduct the ceremony, and present you with your neckerchief, beads, woggle, and certificate.